latiawebhandLatia Nichole Lynch is a native of Baltimore, Maryland. She is the oldest child and a graduate of Morgan State University, where she received her degree in Social first summer job was at the Enoch Pratt Free Library in the Stacks and Shelving Department as a Library Page. This summer job turned into a part-time job, which she worked for seventeen years. It was during this time that she discovered her love for reading. She was able to read a vast number of books from many authors throughout the years. Reading always took her to far places, but she never imagined it would take her to the place of writing her own books.

After college, she held a position as a Social Services Coordinator at the Baltimore Infants and Toddlers Program. The agency provided therapy services for children with special needs. She held that position from the time she graduated from college until she released her first book, at which time she resigned. She also worked as a Residential Counselor at the Baltimore Crisis Response Unit, where she began writing her first book, while working the overnight shift.

Realizing she had a passion for writing, is what made her step out on faith and make a career change. From her dream, she started the Mon Cadeau Publishing Company in order to self-publish her own books. She feels that being able to weave a tale in the form of fiction is her gift from God. This is how she came up with her company name, which means, “My Gift,” in French.

She is excited to be releasing her first book, De’Mon or Demon and plans to continue to keep her audience wanting more. Be sure to look for her future works.