De’Mon or Demon by Latia Lynch


This is a tale of what happens when women are lonely and vulnerable.



For a living, De’Mon preys on women, wining and dining them to get what he wants. His handsome face and beautiful hazel green eyes have women falling over themselves. Too bad his dazzling smile is as far as it goes for he is rotten to the very core.

Worried about a mother dying of cancer and bitter from a bad break up, Paige thinks she’s met the man of her dreams in De’Mon. He is gorgeous and giving, despite him confessing his ability to communicate with the dead. This alone should send Paige running for the hills, but it does not. However, in the end, she regrets the day she ever laid eyes on him.

NinNay does dirty work for De’Mon, as his partner in crime and lover. She is getting tired of sitting back while her man is intimate with other women and living with them. She throws a monkey wrench in his plan with an unexpected pregnancy and wants to live a normal life, which De’Mon does not want. He is content with the way they have been living for years and will not let a pregnancy stop his scheming ways.Sherry is the beautiful high-priced call girl that desires the love of one man. With no family, she becomes the victim to the demands of De’Mon, who she knows as Imp. She thinks he loves her, even if it is not the traditional love. The more she deals with him, the more he is beginning to feel like her pimp instead of her lover.

The three women come from very different backgrounds, but all have fallen for the handsome deadly force known as De’Mon. His mental, sexual and physical abuse leaves the women wondering if his name is De’Mon or if he is a demon. The web he spins is only one that God could bring them through, literally.


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